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Guilin Rubber Machinery’s new generation of vulcanizers
Source: CNCE Date: 2012-12-11

Guilin Rubber Machinery’s assembly shop has completed a trial run of its new, high-efficiency, high-accuracy tire vulcanizer with successful results. The new machine has a better structure and dynamics to improve the speed of tire mounting. The trial run showed good design and applications and the new product got a good reception from customers and its efficiency and accuracy are a sign of progress in company innovation.

Guilin Rubber Machinery has been pushing its “tolerating and encouraging innovation” approach in scientific development and arranged a special team to help improve the new tire vulcanizer through innovative approaches, this past June. For four months, technicians spoke with customers to learn more about their needs and came up with several designs then conducted 3D trials on various designs. By the beginning of November, it had several designs from successful trial runs and chose the one with the best results. This new development has gotten the attention and interest of customers from China and abroad.

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