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Fujian Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery Co gets central finance funds for local features
Source: CNCE Date: 2012-12-03

The city of Sanming’s finance bureau recently reported that a high-grade radial tire vulcanizer project of the Fujian Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery Co will get 2 million yuan in funding from the central finance office’s “local features” program.

The high-grade radial tire vulcanizer uses a hydraulic drive system instead of a mechanical one, so processing costs are reduced and its price is more competitive. In addition, the accuracy indices of the hydraulic vulcanizer surpass those of the mechanical ones so it has greater possibilities in industry. The central finance support and the program’s further development will promote the company’s scientific innovation and international competitiveness and that of the domestic rubber machinery industry, as well as the level of the domestic rubber products.

Fujian Sanming Doublewheel has given a lot of attention to scientific innovation and has worked hard on product restructuring, and, as a major domestic manufacturer, is a member of the national committee on rubber machinery standards and helped draft 10 national industrial standards. Its main product, the “Shuanglun” radial tire vulcanizer, is backed by its own intellectual property rights, with 30 patents, and has won the “China Famous Brand Products” and “Fujian Famous Brand” awards.

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