Xi'an Lishan Automobile Factory


The Xi`an Lishan Automobile Factory is an affiliate of the China National Chemical Equipment Corp and a state manufacturer of large buses.

It specializes in city buses, highway buses, village-commuter buses, passenger coaches, cargo trucks , engineering dump trucks, flat-bed vehicles, and specialized vehicles.

The factory has a full range of stamping, machining, welding, painting, assembly, and testing machinery and can produce more than 5,000 vehicles of various types annually.

The factory emphasizes product quality and has a solid reputation and, in March 2002, got its GB/T19001-ISO9001 quality management certification, then, in June 2003, its 3C certification from China’s Certification and Accreditation Administration.

Xi'an Lishan was founded in 1929, in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, and has operations in 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

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