Sichuan BlueStar Machinery Co., Ltd.


Sichuan Bluestar Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Sichuan Chemical Machinery Repair Factory), founded in 1966 and located in Deyang City, Sichuan Province, is affiliated to China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina). The Company has a registered capital of RMB269.16 million, covers an area of nearly 400,000 square meters, and a total construction area of 170,000 square meters. It is staffed with more than 800 employees, with an annual comprehensive production capacity of 80,000 tons.

The Company follows the corporate culture concept of “passion, innovation, cooperation, and win-win.” Its main business features “4+1” including chemical equipment, new materials, skid-mounted equipment, SHE equipment and intelligent services. The Company is a national high-tech enterprise and a national enterprise with intellectual property advantages. It has a provincial-level technology center, an engineering research center, and two manufacturing bases (respectively located in Deyang and Shifang). The Company has well-developed institutions and systems for technology R&D, engineering research, manufacturing, and testing. It has integrated construction and installation with intelligent services, committing itself to becoming the global pacesetter in green smart skid-mounted technology.

In 1983, the Company obtained pressure vessel manufacturing licenses and design qualifications in the first batch of China. In 1992, it won U and U2 authorization certificates and steel stamps from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). In 2002, it passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. In 2006, it received the Occupational Health and Safety System Certification. In 2009, it passed the National High-Tech Enterprise Certification. In 2012, it became a national-level engineering practice and education center. In 2016, it obtained a hazardous chemicals production license. In 2017, it passed the management system certification for intellectual property rights, won the title of National Enterprise with Intellectual Property Advantages, and obtained GC2 Qualification License for Pressure Pipe Installation and the National Military Standard Manufacturing license.

Chemical equipment: Focusing on energy conservation and efficiency improvement, we have carried out technological research, optimized the design of existing products such as gasifiers, enhanced overall performance.

New materials: We have optimized design, improved on-site construction, increased efficiency, aimed to develop nonferrous and composite materials, and broadened the application of spherical tanks. We have seized new opportunities of the military-civilian integration to expand casting and forging products.

Skid-mounted equipment: We have vigorously explored the market of skid-mounted, modular, integrated, and high-end smart equipment in the fields of energy, environmental protection, and chemical engineering.

SHE equipment: We have provided customers with integrated treatment solutions for wastewater, waste gas, and organic solid waste.

Intelligent services: Based on engineering services and quality inspection, we have conducted engineering installation, operation, and maintenance, and non-destructive examination to achieve intelligent, high-end and differentiated services.

In recent years, the Company has continuously strengthened its technological innovation and transformation. It has now become one of the few domestic manufacturers that can produce large pressurized gasification equipment for the coal chemical industry. The furnace types mainly include WHG furnaces and Shenning furnaces.

The Company also produces large plate-welding hydrogenation reactors, coiled heat exchangers, and other heavy equipment. Among them, ammonia synthesis towers, urea synthesis towers, methanol, nitric acid, natural gas storage and exploitation, ball storage tanks, and railroad frogs are well-known in China.

The Company has offices in Beijing, Wuhan, and Chongqing, with operations in most provinces and autonomous regions in China. The products are exported to the United States, Australia, Serbia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and other countries and regions.

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