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Aeolus makes inroads into passenger car market
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2014-09-01

Aeolus joined hands again with the China Grand Rally, an international A-grade event, whose grand opening ceremony was held on August 31 at the Great Wall. It became an official strategic partner of the rally in 2014. 

The rally was jointly hosted by CCTV and the General Administration of Sport. It is a top match for cars independently developed by China as well as one of the most difficult cross-country rallies. Wang Feng, president of Aeolus, made it to the starting point of the match to encourage the Aeolus car fleet headed by Lu Ningjun, a famous car racer.

The rally will last 13 days from August 31 to Sept 12. It starts off at the Badaling section of the Great Wall and runs nearly 8,000 kilometers through the Badain Jaran, Kubuqi and Tenggeli deserts, including 12 special sections that cover 3,000 kilometers. It ends at Dunhuang, an important town at the ancient Silk Road.

In addition to internal control, Aeolus needs to go through the toughest test to satisfy the most requirements of customers and market, and the rally is an ideal touchstone, according to Wang Feng. “We built our own car fleet and used our newly-developed products to take on the tough challenges,” said Wang. “Although Aeolus started off late in the passenger car market, it has set its sights high and has demonstrated its world-class quality and international image through technical renovation and brand construction.”

Wang was confident that Aeolus can be a leader in world-class brand building and quality improvement.

The rally has been a testament to the fact that Bluestar is on a par with other international brands. The company’s focus on world-class quality and international brands as well as green technology has been fully recognized by the UN. Its internal management and tough product tests will complement its coordinated development idea.

Aeolus has become one of the top 20 tire companies worldwide after 49 years of innovation and development. It’s also one of China’s biggest all-steel radial tire producers and the biggest OTR tire producer in the country. As a national high-tech enterprise, Aeolus is a tire export facility as well as the only company that is exempted from export inspection. It won a nomination award at the China Grand Awards for Industry, one of the most prestigious honors in China’s industrial field, and gave a keynote speech. The company was invited to give keynote speeches at the third Green Industry Conference. Its products are sold to more than 140 countries and regions, and its brand value is on the rise. The World Brand Lab has named Aeolus one of China's 500 most valuable brands for 11 consecutive years, with brand value at 10.07 billion yuan ($1.64 billion).

Aeolus has made it to a new starting point in terms of product expansion and brand building after 49 years of development. Its green tire development and ambition to build itself into a strong brand in China will bring more transformations to the Chinese tire industry, push for long-term development of China’s car industry, accelerate the process of making China a major tire manufacturer, and upgrade China’s image in the eyes of global consumers. 

Aeolus will once again prove its superior performance and world-class quality in the rally.

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