Safety in production: Haohua Honghe's internal check on “three standards“ system
Source: CHC Date: 2011-11-18
Haohua Honghe conducted an internal check in relation to system requirements, Oct 26 to 28, to ensure the continued, effective operation of the “three standards” system (quality, environment, occupational health), guarantee product quality, ensure safe, stable operations, and improve the equipment in quality, environmental, and occupational health aspects.

The process was presided over by Haohua Honghe’s deputy general managers, Cheng Ping and Zeng Xiaobin, and used five teams of 20 checkers in all to take a look at all departments covered by the corporate quality management system -- the system covers 17 product categories in sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, sodium hydroxide, dicalcium phosphate (feed grade), hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, methane chloride, and dichloromethane -- and departments covered by the environment and occupational health safety management system, as well as any venues related to products and services.

Because the checks can have their limitations, the groups have tried to make them more representative for a fair, objective analysis. They uncovered some weak spots in the system, which need to be improved. But, thanks to the strong support by Haohua Honghe’s leaders and employees, the checks went smoothly, with 1,579 samples and 157 people. The conclusion was that “three standards” system was effective.

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