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Heilongjiang Chemical boosts quality through drills
Heilongjiang Chemical Group widely launched the program of hard work in the fourth quarter to overcome difficulties and improve efficiencies for coagulation and freezing prevention in severe coldness. On the basis of smooth and stable device operation, the company enhanced skill training for workers through drills in an effort to boost the quality, promote the operation efficiency and strive for ultimate objectives of the year.

Mainly based on the newly built plant’s operation for more than one year, and through summing up and sorting out various problems in production under the guidance of operation specifications, the company has accumulated work experience and at the same time adopted them as training materials to promote post training and inspection in workshops. Rich and diverse in topics, the materials have its outstanding features and are quite specifically targeted.

In compiling questions for training tests, the test workshop, concentrating on practical operation, worked out knowledge that should be known but easily neglected, and printed it on the Drilling Card for post learning, with the content being updated each week. In the environmental protection workshop, section chiefs established the bank of questions focusing on operation specifications, process indexes and emergency plans. The manual compiled by the PVC workshop covers process parameters, process indexes, common knowledge about equipment, safety knowledge and practical operation for drilling supervision and inspection through random selection of questions each time to practically enhance the theoretical and practical operation levels of the workers. The power workshop chose questions on the site and demanded the examinee to answer and operate at the same time. It would conduct three tests per month to decide the results, which are linked with the performance wages. Some workers passed their examinations at second attempts. For them, the boiler section formulated a set of learning program, and the section chief and the main operator would conduct one-to-one training for them in theoretical knowledge, post operation and then each piece of equipment of the boiler so as to master their professional skills. The chlor-alkali workshop made most noticeable achievements. By implementing the check plans in steps featuring “unitary thinking, rapid action and powerful execution”, which focused on theories and practice of basic vocational process and operation specifications, the workshop formulated the check mechanism that involved all employees and spelt out clear awards and punishments, with its rate of excellence exceeding 80%.
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