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Source: CHC Date: 2011-12-14

In 2011, Haohua has demonstrated its scientific and technological advantages and ahs made progress in it R & D projects.

It has worked on 82 national scientific research projects, 65 provincial and ministerial ones, and 139 others.

It has set up China’s first 24,000-ton/year perchloroethylene (PCE) from ozone depleting carbon tetrachloride waste production plant.

It has made a breakthrough in key fiber-grade PPS resin and textile filament industrialization technology.

It has been engaged in market popularization trials of suspended polyacrylate-grafted vinyl chloride resin to move it from the R&D stage to the market.

Its “reducing SG3 Type PVC resin polymerization time” technology has been applied to production.

Its “production of vinyl chloride by catalytic reforming of dichlorethane and acetylene” research project has been included in a Key National Foundamental Research Program (the 973 Program) by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Haohua’s affiliates will carry out tests with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It has completed tests on extracting strontium hydroxide octahydrate from strontium sulfide solution and looked for the optimal production conditions.

Its engineering plastics, fibers, and light stabilizers for high-grade coating are at the international level and it has become a supplier of some of the widest range of top products in this field.

It has developed high-performance PVA flame-retardant fiber with two universities and the research results have been the basis of a national invention patent application.

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