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Pirelli released animated video to offer tips on safe service
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-06-17

Pirelli has released a new video that contains useful information about making its retailers places where drivers can always feel safe. This information, delivered to Pirelli’s entire dealer network, expands on new measures designed to ensure that drivers feel completely secure when they change their tyres. As business starts up again, customers need to feel confident that their health is being prioritized, so Pirelli - among other initiatives to help dealer networks fulfil their obligations to look after their clients – has put together a series of recommendations to help retailers sanitize and re-organize their premises. These measures have been handily summarized in a short film for the dealer network.

The new organizational processes for workshops and sales processes will help dealers to offer an even warmer welcome to their customers. These range from a fresh delineation of working areas, to a maximum number of people allowed in waiting areas, to the sanitation of cars and premises. New online booking systems are also explained, with customers using contactless payments: part of a general move towards greater use of digital systems. There are also suggestions about how to clean car keys and other items handled during maintenance, along with hygiene rules for staff to follow during each working day (hand-washing, temperature checks, plus the use of gloves and masks).

In addition to the video, which will be distributed on the internet as well as via social media channels belonging to Pirelli and its retailers, Pirelli has also sent a series of recommendations to all of its points of sale, adapted to different national legislation. This will help to ensure consistently clean and well-organized dealerships, meaning that customers will always feel safe and at home.

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