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Elkem provides new materials for high-end power equipment
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-06-17

By improving the technology of organosilicon products, Elkem enhanced the innovation ability of special products and increased its competitive advantage in the field of extra-high voltage and nuclear power.

Due to excellent insulation, heat resistance and electrical shielding of Elkem silicone rubber, it can play a good role in sealing and protecting the cable. Elkem has become the raw material supplier of cable sleeve to a leading domestic company.

At the same time, Elkem made full use of the market opportunities brought by the vigorous development of new infrastructure in the business of silicon, casting and carbon. It increased its presence in construction engineering (concrete, fiber cement), refractory and steel.

Focusing on high growth market opportunities in the new energy field, Elkem accelerated the industrialization of graphite anode materials for lithium-ion batteries and the development of silicon metal materials for batteries.

For the rail transit industry with complex electrified lines, high requirements for the production of electrical accessories and strict fire protection requirements, Elkem silicone rubber can also play a big role. Its silicone rubber for rail transit has been successfully applied to relevant projects of CRRC motor car design and manufacturing. Elkem’s high voltage insulator silicon rubber is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of composite insulator, insulator sleeve, arrester, and other high voltage electrical accessories for railway and urban rail line.

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